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28 R. Gorceix
Rio de Janeiro, RJ, 22411-050

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Main Achievement

Following some achievements showing the experience acquired in audit, risk management and corporate governance:

+ Corporate Governance and Risk Management

  • Carried out a benchmarking survey, in addition to leading a complex project of corporate risks mapping to Petropar (current Evora), a holding company with 4-manufacturing industry business segments. The project involved close relationship with the Company’s Board and the integration of strategy and business risk methodologies.
  • At RBS, attending the management objective of knowing the risks of the business’ segments of the Group, led the team on mapping the business’ processes and assessing their level of exposure to identified risks. Based on this assessment, it was developed jointly with the Group’s senior management, targets to be achieved in order to reduce the degree of risk exposure. Result of processes risk mapping and the risk management goals proposition were objects of great praise by both the Group’s Executive Board and Board of Directors, which approved the immediate implementation.
  • Led advice in implementing governance processes in Zamprogna (now part of the Usiminas group), traditionally family company, at the time of the project recently acquired by investment fund (contractor). The project comprised the preparation of the statute of the Fiscal Counsel, aligned to the capital market best practices for Corporate Governance, and also structuring the Company’s Risk Management function through the performance of general risk assessment and the development of a multiannual internal audit plan for the new organization. The project success was attributed to the objectivity applied in demonstrating to the senior management the benefits to the newly established governance structure of the internal audit process based on the risks mapped and their linkages with established policies and procedures to mitigate them, ensuring the prioritization of the project by the Board, in the company’s critical moment of change.

+ People and Resources Integration

  • Mobilized professionals from different competence areas to conduct projects with the Votorantim Group Shared Services Center, involving large volumes of project of tax compliance (over 200 locations and approximately 10,000 files for analysis), technical complexity in projects of new accounting standards implementation for several Group’s business segments, and tight deadlines for regulatory compliance. Leadership in the mobilization and capacity on team integration with her participative style (hands-on) enabled the completion of the project with the required quality, within the schedule needed. Her leadership style was a major factor in client recognition, strengthening partnership with new business opportunities.
  • Responsible at GVT for developing projects of Collecting Management Improvement, Assessment of CRM - Client Relationship Management, General Risk Assessment with Multiannual Plan of Internal Audit, Revenue Assurance and Supply Chain Processes Review. All projects involved integration of business consulting and risk management methodologies, and building cross-functional teams, creating roadmaps aligned to the Board’s strategic objectives.

+ Compliance to Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) and Similar Regulations

  • Leader of the project of SOX compliance implementation (readiness) of CEMIG, together with the Company’s Internal Audit. This project involved a multidisciplinary team with 40 people fully dedicated for, approximately, ten continuous months of work. The success of the project was due to the effective participation of a management committee composed by directors, superintendents and managers of the Controlling, Financial Management (Risks) and IT areas, with decision-making autonomy for the validation of gaps and their remediation plans, which minimized the resistance and provided more objectivity in obtaining certification within the term set.
  • Coordinated support teams to Deloitte’s audit for certification of internal controls in the following large clients in the Brazilian market, subject to SOX: COPEL, Gerdau, CEMIG, TELEMIG Celular. In these projects, conducted jointly with her Partners responsible for the audits, interviews to the companies’ senior management in order to support the validation and the consequent certification of the entity level processes.
  • At the Jaguar Mining, a Canadian mining group with operations in the state of Minas Gerais, was the leader for the implementation of internal audit for certification of Directors regarding internal controls related to financial statements (SOX and similar Canadian legislation). In this project, she integrated a specialized team from Toronto’s office, Canada, for technical support of the Brazilian team in the aspects of the Canadian legislation. The results of the internal audit subsidized the Group certification with the U.S. and Canadian regulators.

+ Consultant to Securities Registration (IPO and private Bonds issuance)

  • Leader of a project of great complexity during Telebrás privatization process in order to prepare the 20-F SEC form for registration of 2 among 12 new holdings - wireline and wireless holding companies. The project required the building of financial statements of the new holdings for past periods (last 5 years) as if they were existed since then, as well as the analysis and explanation of the variations in the results of these last five years for the preparation of the MD&A. The success of nationwide management, interaction and integration with several stakeholders, provided internal and external recognition, which resulted in the conquest of the client after privatization.
  • At the time of the due diligence process for the issuance of high-yield securities by Tele Centro-Sul (later Brasil Telecom and Oi/Telemar), advised company executives on issues involving accounting results and history of eight telecom operators that composed a holding. Earned credibility throughout the process conducted by the underwriters in New York, from question clarifications, which resulted in the ratification of the strategic partnership for the client’s business, materializing value to the financial audit process.
  • Member of the team of professionals who have assisted Brazilian companies in their first securities placements with the U.S. SEC, through ADR and by the 144A Rule, during the 1990s, such as TELEBRAS, where she was responsible for the activities in TELERJ, and CESP.

+ Audit of Financial Statements

  • Performance over 20 years in the audit of financial statements of publicly companies of several segments, such as (non-exhaustive list and alphabetical order):
    • ANCAR
    • CEMIG
    • COPEL
    • CORSAN
    • TERRA Networks
    • TROMBINI Embalagens

  • Partner responsible for the audit of the financial statements of SANEPAR for the year ended on December 31, 2004, which was one of the ten finalists in the Transparency Award for publicly companies, annual awards sponsored by ANEFAC, FIPECAFI and SERASA.

+ Training, Events and Publications

  • Part of the group of experts of IBGC, teaching Risk Management in training for board members and In Company courses.
  • As a member of the IBGC RJ coordination, organizes events and participates, as speaker or coordinator, of lectures and round tables on issues of Corporate Governance and Risk Management.
  • Author of one of the chapters of the IBGC’s book of 2014, titled "From duty of care to the value creation to the shareholders: A Risk Management from the Board of Directors’ point of view", released in the IBGC Annual Congress, on October 2014, which theme was "Corporate Governance that creates value: An evolving process".