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Value proposition

Value proposition to the agents of governance of businesses organizations, through comprehensive support in improving of corporate governance practices and strengthening of risk management, in the following areas of competence: 

Corporate Governance

  • Board of Directors’ member (certified by IBGC)
  • Fiscal Counsel’s member
  • Audit Committee’s member (Financial and Risk expert)
  • Risk Committee’ member (Risk Management expert)
  • Assessment of level of maturity in Corporate Governance: Gap analysis with Corporate Governance best practices and development plan for repositioning.
  • Structure and coordination of audit and risk committees:
    • Conceptual design of the structure and functioning of the committee
    • Implementation of the proposed model
    • Coordination of the committee. 
  • Whistle-blower channel: conceptual design, implementation and coordination.

Risk Management

Consulting to:

  • Assessment of level of maturity in Risk: Gap analysis with Risk Management best practices and development plan for repositioning.
  • General Risk Assessment: Identification, classification and prioritization of strategic, financial and operational risks. 
  • Development of monitoring plan of prioritized risks for Board of Directors and/or Audit and Risk Committees. 
  • Development of internal audit plan for prioritized risks. 
  • Development of a regulatory compliance program. 

Training in Risk Management for members of Board of Directors, Fiscal Counsel and Audit Committee